Stock Trading AI - Stock Magnitude

ChartLBC Long AI

Handles initiation of buys, profit taking, and stop losses. The maximum holding period is 10 business days.

ChartLBC Short AI

Handles initiation of sells, profit taking, and stop losses. The maximum holding period is 10 business days.

Other AIs are also available.

We currently support predictions for the Japanese and U.S. markets.

Stock Magnitude

  • "Stock Magnitude" is the name of the app.
  • The app is equipped with multiple AIs for stock trading.
  • Currently available as an app for Android and iPhone.
  • We do not hide any prediction failures within the app; instead, we disclose everything, aiming for honest operation free from the scams common in investment-related fields.
  • Although it's a subscription-based app, a one-week free trial is available, and free members can also check their recent browsing history, allowing you to verify accuracy before purchasing.
  • I sacrificed most of my twenties, nearly a decade, to develop this AI.


  • "ChartLBC" is the name of our current flagship AI, disclosed within the app.
  • "ChartLBC" is a trading AI that handles everything from initiating buys and sells to stop losses and taking profits.
  • It has been operational since April 1, 2024.
  • We openly share all prediction failures within the app. There is no such thing as zero risk in the world.

How to Use

  • The app also provides a GUI chart screen, but this is an extra feature and is not primarily used.
  • Pressing the "AI" button at the top left of the app will display the AI list screen.
    By tapping on the various AIs on that screen, you can check their detection history and trade history in text form.
    Please make use of this text-based information provision primarily.
  • Items on the AI screen can be rearranged by long pressing, and the AI set at the top will be used as the filter target for the "<>" button on the chart screen.
    If pressing the "<>" button does not find any stocks, try changing the AI displayed at the top.

Fees and Cancellation

  • The current fee is 1,100 yen per month.
    (Approximately $10 in the US)
    The actual fee will be displayed in the app, but it will be almost equivalent to this amount.
  • A subscription (monthly automatic billing) will occur.
    Payments will be billed through Google or Apple.
  • Cancellation can be done in the same manner as other subscription apps by following these steps:
    → Cancel on Android
    → Cancel on iPhone