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Stock AI

World Stock Market Exploration Development Agency

Business Description

Research and development of artificial intelligence to detect soaring stocks in advance

We use AI to detect rapidly rising stocks in advance and publish the information.
Real-time FX forecasting is also planned to be developed.

Services provided

Stock Magnitude
An AI-powered app that detects soaring stocks in advance

Currently, we are responding to "Japan" and "US" stock market forecasts.
This app allows you to forecast the global stock market.

Corporate philosophy

Technology and Trust and Quality
Create the real thing and prove the difference in power.
Create the real thing and make the fake disappear.
I'm the only one in the world who can make this.

Develop real stock and forex forecasting tools and destroy the world's overflowing fake forecasting tools and fraudulent investment advisors.
We will make the world full of self-proclaimed forecasting tools and fraudulent self-proclaimed investment advisors worthless and put them out of business.

The forecasting of stocks and FX is not limited to the presence or absence of artificial intelligence, anyone can easily do it if they want to.

The world is full of "self-proclaimed prediction tools" made by imitating information on the Internet.
I don't like the people who use the "self-proclaimed prediction tool" by saying "wow, wow" and I don't like the people who provide it.

I am confident that I can develop the "real thing" more than anyone else in the development of artificial intelligence specializing in stocks and FX.
I am the best in the world" in the development of predictive artificial intelligence for stocks and FX.

My primary motivation is to prove the absolute power difference, and I will develop the world's only stock and forex forecasting tool that even Google employees can't duplicate.

Real anticipation

A lot of people are trying to predict skyrocketing stocks with AI.
That's because predicting a surging stock with AI is so easy that anyone can do it.

But the AI I develop is different from other companies.

I'm very good at coming up with completely new algorithms that don't exist in this world.

The tools I develop are a unique hybrid of algorithms and AI that no one else can imitate.

Anyone can handle AI, but the ability to devise an algorithm is a talent.


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